In the national “wildlife and nature” category for Wiki Science Competition 2019 there are 2 winning pictures. Both images display birds: swans and a flying redkite.

Luis Scarabino who took the picture of the flying redkite was born and grew up in Argentina, but currently lives in Switzerland. He is a passionate amateur photographer. While working as sales representative, he has “the chance to knew new places and people”, which offers a lot of occasions for good shots. Animals are one of his main target.
He had had the opportunity to exhibit a selection of eight photographic works of his authorship in October 2018 at Odeon Brugg (das Kulturhaus beim Bahnhof), and in Rosario, Argentina, where he exhibited 16 works of portraits and photographies of animals in the restaurant and café „El Cairo“, a traditional place with fre-quent artistic activities in the city.


Arthur Gamsa is a 19-years old boy from Winterthur, Switzerland. As he says “photography has been my greatest passion since I was a child: I first realized that I wanted to work as a photographer when my grandmother gave me a camera for my 8th birthday.“
From that day, Arthur never stopped: he got his first assignment at the age of 14 (photographing a wedding) and he is currently studying photography at an art school in Zürich and works part-time as a studio- and business-photographer in the same town (at „Select Photography“). In the meantime, Arthur has been working for various Swiss companies and organizations such as COOP Switzerland, Credit Suisse, Officer’s Riding Society Zurich, Chinese Community of Switzerland, BWT Winterthur, Track13, CPM Switzerland, Nespresso Switzerland, Manor, Synpulse, Zalando and many, many more.
As a hobby, he likes to take portraits for (fashion-) bloggers and he spends time on his own projects: he is currently working on a photo reportage on the topic of „cannabis culture in Switzerland„, and he often combines his hobby of travel with his main passion. Last year he was on an expedition beyond the arctic circle in Norway, together with another photographer from his photography-class, and last summer he was the protagonist of a project by SRF, where he spent 30 days traveling Europe on a budget, together with his girlfriend.


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Photos: Luis Scarabino / Arthur Gamsa

Image winner: flying redkite CC BY-SA 4.0 Luis Scarabino
Image of winner: Swans and other birds CC BY-SA 4.0 Arthur Gamsa