Wikimedia CH has recently welcomed two new staff members. Vivian Epiney strengthens our team as Education Expert, working part time, while Louis Gonin works as accountant in Wikimedia CH’s administration.


Vivian Epiney (left) is a primary school teacher passionate about digital innovation, who has been teaching for over 15 years in the heart of the Alps, in Valais. At the same time, he has been training HEP-Valais students for twelve years and was in charge of a school centre in Sierre for six years. He is also an adult educator at the ICT-VS Competence Centre, supporting and advising teachers on how to integrate information and communication technologies into their classrooms. He can speak in French, English and Wallisertitsch.

He initiated an innovative and collaborative project: This free online dictionary was created in 2016 and helps the pupils take their first steps into the world of wikis and the promotion of free knowledge. It contains thousands of words explained using vocabulary understandable for children. Wikimedia CH has been supporting this educational tool since 2019.

Vivian joined us in August 2023 as Education Expert (40%), a role that allows him to spread his passion for sharing free knowledge. He’s already saying it loud and clear: it’s a real joy to contribute to education in so many different ways!


Louis Gonin worked in the retail sector for 35 years, but finally felt tired and unfulfilled. So he decided to change his life and seek a balance between work and family. He also discovered a passion for photography, archery and hiking. These activities allow him to recharge his batteries and enjoy nature. „Today, I work for a company that respects my needs and values. I get on very well with my colleagues and I feel fulfilled.“