In response to the demand from our association members, Wikimedia CH will hold the General Assembly 2023 online. The event will take place on 29 April from 9:30 to 12:30. The General Assembly gives members the opportunity to shape our association by raising motions, voting and sharing their ideas and expertise.

The agenda:

09:30-09:45        Welcome and introduction

09:45-09.50        Appointment of minute taker and vote counter

09:50-10.05        Warm-up (getting to know each-other)

10:05-10.15        Approval of the Minutes of the General Assembly 2022

10:15-10.25        2022 Activities and short overview over 2023

10:25-10:35        Questions

10:35-10:50        Auditors Report 2022

10:50-11:00        Questions

11:00-11:10         Voting

11:10-11:25         Motions & Statute change

11:25-11:35         Voting on Motions

11:35-12:00        Presentations of Board Candidates

12:00-12:15        Elections

12:15-12:30        Varia and closure


Further information are available on General Assembly 2023 — WMCH Members ( Only our members receive login information per e-mail.

Would you like to become a member and play an active role in the future of Wikimedia CH?

Then get in touch and write to