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Join the Wikimedia CH association

Any individual or legal entity can become a member of Wikimedia CH. As an individual, you can join either as an Active or a Supportive member (sponsor). If you are part of an organisation or company and would like to support us, you can sign up as an institutional member. Please read our Bylaws, our Privacy Policy and apply by follwing the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Our memberships

Regular member

Any individual who wants to contribute actively to the work of the Association Wikimedia CH or to one of the projects supported by us, can become a regular member.

Yearly membership fee: CHF 50.-

Sponsoring member

If you don’t want to actively participate in projects but rather promote and support the aims and work of the Association Wikimedia CH you can become a sponsor.

Yearly membership fee: CHF 75.-

Institutional member

If you are part of an likeminded organisation, institution or company, you can show your support of Wikimedia CH's work by signing up as an institutional member.

Yearly membership fee: CHF 150.-

Reduced membership fee

If you are a student or have limited funds available, we offer a reduced annual fee. Email us with your background information and we will submit your request to the board.

How you can get engaged

There are many exciting opportunities to get actively engaged in the work of Wikimedia CH. Here are just a few ideas:

Support the staff with organisational tasks (e.g. around the General Assembly, with project work, etc.).

Become a volunteer at events (e.g. as a trainer, at the Welcome Desk, as a room angel, guide, babysitter, etc.)

Represent the association, e.g. as a delegate at partner organisations.

Share your professiona knowledge in your preferred field as an expert in working groups or development teams for ongoing or new projects of the respective programmes.

Provide us with feedback on project ideas.

Support us with public relations activities in social media, storytelling or as an ambassador.

You can join Wikimedia CH as a board member.

What makes active membership valuable

As a member of the Wikimedia CH association, you show your active commitment to free knowledge and in particular to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

Your membership endorses the importance of Wikimedia CH as a partner and strengthens the association’s voice in the promotion of free knowledge (the association’s mission).

You will be invited to Wikimedia CH events and member meetings, especially the General Assemblies, where active members have voting rights (see bylaws).

You can participate in numerous volunteer activities in the areas of culture, education, media literacy, software and tool development or public relations.

You receive access to a protected members online space with
information and networking opportunities (in preparation!).

On request, we can set up an e-mail address for you at … and provide you with business cards.

On request, we will provide you with a letter of confirmation for your voluntary work.

How to become a member

That’s easy: You only have to email at, apply for a membership of your choice, and tell us

  • if you are an active contributor in Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata etc.
  • if you want to be active as a volunteer in one of our programmes
  • if you want to support the mission of Wikimedia CH actively
  • and what motivates you to become a member.

Our membership team will answer you as soon as possible and provide further information.
Thank you for considering supporting our work as a member of Wikimedia CH and looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Get in touch with us!

Clara Wiest

Membership Manager