Advocating for free knowledge

Beyond our programmatic activities, Wikimedia CH advocates for issues such as copyright and net neutrality – values that are important to us as part of the Wikimedia Movement. We will continue to align ourselves with the political direction and stance of the Wikimedia Foundation and other chapters.

Our mission

By actively participating in working groups and coalitions to advance digital and open-source themes in society and politics, we intend to develop our stance on these matters. We support civic action groups with expertise about the Wikiverse.

Our objectives


Influence current debates by partnering with like-minded organisations


Enter into new spheres of action by developing new partnerships and strengthening existing ones


Support our programmes with professional communication


Advocate in the relevant departments within the cantons of Switzerland


Reinforce our efforts at the European level with other Wikimedia chapters


Collaborate with other Wikimedia chapters through joint projects like Wikifranca

Our communication services


We collaborate closely with partners to communicate about projects while respecting their leading role and ownership of the project.


We provide partners with content such as statements, statistics or images to include in media releases and other communications.

Media contacts

We support our partners’ media relations and press releases with our media list of relevant outlets in Switzerland.


We aim to support journalists and are available for media enquiries about our activities or the Movement’s projects.

Our channels

Facebook: @WikimediaCH, Instagram: @wikimedia_ch, LinkedIn: @Wikimedia CH, Mastodon: @WikimediaCH@wikis.world, the YouTube channel Wikimedia CH official, the Newspage of our website and our Newsletter.

We usually tag #wmch #wikimediach #wikipedia. Please use these tags when posting about our work on social media.

Speaking opportunities

Wikimedia CH staff are experts in their field in the context of digitalisation, topics around free knowledge and the challenges to a democratic society. We are at your disposal as speakers.

You want to collaborate or learn more? Get in touch!

Kerstin Sonnekalb

Outreach & Communication Manager

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To advance the themes of digital and open knowledge in society and politics, Wikimedia CH uses storytelling as a means to advance our vision and mission. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.