Sharing cultural heritage

The acronym GLAM stands for “Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums”. Our mission is to help Swiss memory institutions share their curatorial knowledge, collections and resources in a digital manner, on global platforms, making Swiss cultural heritage more accessible to the world.

Our overarching GLAM principle

Cultural activity also stands for culture in interaction between people. We believe that knowledge about cultural heritage and the free access to it is one of the central pillars of a democratic society. We see Wikimedia CH as an interface between GLAM institutions and the Wikiverse.

GLAM events and programmes


GLAM-on-Tour is a multi-day event format originally from Germany. It promotes networking between Wikipedia contributors and GLAM institutions and ensures new content on Wikipedia. The event includes guided tours, lectures, photo excursions, and collaborative editing. Wikimedia CH provides funding for travel and accommodation expenses.

Watch our videos GLAM-on-Tour at Kirchner Museum Davos and at the Montreux Jazz Archive including experiences of our partners.

International Museums Day

To foster the International Museum Day (IMD) from the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in May, Wikimedia CH calls for content on Wikipedia and invite participants to competitions.

See our video – The new definition of museums and Wikipedia

International Archive Week

Wikimedia CH partners with the Association of Swiss Archivists (VSA-AAS) to promote the International Archives Week in June. Joining forces with Wikimedia Austria and Germany, we launch calls for content.

GLAM digital

GLAM digital is a series of video conferences presenting different cultural and memory institutions. It is collectively coordinated and supported by Wikimedia Germany, Wikimedia Austria and Wikimedia CH.


Wikipedia Kulturbotschafter are professionally trained volunteer contact persons for questions about Wikipedia, digital cultural heritage and community-based cooperation with institutions.

Wikimedia CH tools for GLAMs

Cassandra Statistical Tool

The GLAM Statistical Tool (Cassandra) was created by Wikimedia CH and developed in collaboration with GLAM partners. It helps gain statistical insights regarding their shared collections across the Wikimedia projects.

WMCH Map Service

The WMCH Map Service provides interactive maps of cultural institutions and content in Switzerland. Users can explore locations, check article coverage and contribute to encyclopaedic content.

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Our GLAM Partners


G stands for Galleries. We are open to new partners in this field. Contact us to learn more.


L stands for Libraries. Among our partners: Swiss National Library, ETH Library Zurich, EPFL Lausanne, Stadtbibliothek Schaffhausen, and many more.


A stands for Archives.
Among our partners: Swiss Federal Archives, Swiss Social Archives, SBB Historic, Archives Cantonales Vaudoises, and many more.


M stands for Museums.
Among our partners: MAMCO Geneva, Historic Museum Basel, Tinguely Museum Basel, and many more.