Wikimedia CH works with different partners from various fields.

Wikimedia CH partners

Wikimedia CH works with different partners from various fields. We are grateful for all the positive support we receive from local and national organisations and companies.


Wikimedia CH is a partner of Parldigi, the parliamentary group for digital sustainability. Through this partnership, we are part of the ongoing discussions about Swiss copyright and the future of the Swiss internet, which heavily depends on the global and European context.


Moresi.Com, with its Cloud platform, offers a series of high-quality services, infrastructures and technologies to safeguard Wikimedia CH data in a secured datacenter in Switzerland.


Scandola Agency is specialised in web development and internet marketing. Wikimedia CH collaborates with the agency to communicate about the different projects and information through our web portals.


Infomaniak sponsors Wikimedia CH with a premier webhosting for our different websites. The Geneva-based company also provides a video on demand (VOD) service that allows us to publish WMCH videos without external advertising.