In the General Assembly on 27 April 2024, Wikimedia CH association members elected Nawal Aït-Hocine (on the left) and Amandine Cabrio (on the right) as new members of the board and confirmed Matthias Nepfer’s mandate.  The General Assembly was part of the Wikipedia Day.
On 4 June, the board elected Matthias as new president and Cathérine Janssens as new vice-president.

Nawal Aït-Hocine
lives and works in Geneva, studied law and business economics and is currently the CEO of A Positive Impact SARL, a Swiss-based company providing advisory services and developing solutions for sustainability strategy and implementation, human rights and responsible sourcing, to improve social and environmental performance, and to create inclusive and scalable business models.
Read more about her motivation to be a Board Member of Wikimedia CH: « I am a passionate learner and strongly believe in the Importance of sharing knowledge, in continuous learning and development for all. I would be happy and honored to contribute to the operation of the Board and the life of the Association by using my expertise in strategy building, governance & compliance, sustainability, DEI, impact & theory of change. »


Amandine Cabrio is well known at Wikimedia CH former GLAM Expert. Wikimedian since 2014, she has been working as an Archivist at the Bibliothèquepubliqueet universitaire de Neuchâtel in spring 2024. She has a solid network among Swiss GLAM institutions and Wikimedians.
Her motivation to become a Board Member: « I appreciate the value of free knowledge represented by Wikimedia CH and I’m particularly interested in the future development of AI. » The absence of women and minorities in the Wikimedia projects is another field, Amandine is focussing on. She has at heart to work with the Board to ensure a good relation between Wikimedia CH and the Swiss Wikimedia Community and to advocate for the values that Wikimedia CH represents. She hopes that her network among the Swiss GLAM and also among the Community will allow to expand the association and also the Wikimedia projects in Switzerland.


Elected Board Members until 2025:

  • Mauro Cassina, Treasurer of the association, support with administrative processes, transparency and accountability
  • Jon Becker, Senior legal advisor, lawyer, expert for international complexities and effective communication
  • Catherine Janssens, Business development and fundraising, national and international partnerships
  • Michael Witschi, Financial analyst and portfolio manager, Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic programming

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