In 2022, radio in Switzerland celebrates its 100th anniversary. Wikimedia CH is taking this as an opportunity to designate 2022 as the Year of Sound. Noises, sounds, waves, instruments, music, historical moments – with this theme we open the field for any projects and activities around audio material – in Switzerland and abroad. We are interested in the sounds themselves, but also in their history and their connection with the development of our society in all its facets.


Wikimedia CH invites WikimediansGLAMs and partners to engage with the annual theme, find topics, fill gaps on Wikipedia and its sister projects, and initiate workshops, edit-a-thons, or other events. It’s a good opportunity to exchange ideas and make new contacts.


How does that sound to you?


We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and ideas on the project page.


(published on January 5, 2022)