At Wikimedia CH, the Swiss chapter recognised by the Wikimedia Foundation, we believe privacy is a human right.

As the steward of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in Switzerland, we aim to ensure that everyone has access to free knowledge, without having to pay for it with their personal information. We work to create trustworthy online spaces based on digital self-determination and believe everyone has the right to know how their data is collected and used.

To that end, we don’t just follow existing data privacy laws (such as the Federal Act on Data Protection), we also advocate for new policies that advance a more open, connected and transparent internet, and a more democratic approach to online content. At both the Swiss and European levels, we join forces with parliamentary groups who share our values of an open internet where knowledge is free, copyright laws are fair, and personal data is not a commodity.

Our commitment to privacy extends to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia platforms. Not only do we not share or sell user data, our platforms don’t even collect personal user data or track user behaviors. We count the number of user visits from a specific country to a page, but we never collect personal information or make IP addresses public.

Wikimedia CH’s dedication to data privacy stands as a testament to our commitment to providing free knowledge in a responsible and ethical manner. By adhering to strict privacy standards and embracing transparency, Wikimedia CH ensures that our platforms remain open, accessible, and secure for generations to come.

As a non-profit organisation that doesn’t advertise or accept government funding, Wikimedia CH relies on donations from individuals and organisations who use Wikipedia and who share our mission to advance free knowledge.

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