On 03 June 2024, Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia Europe met with members of Swiss parliament in the Federal Palace in Bern. It was an event organised by the Parliamentary Group on Digital Sustainability (Parldigi), of which Wikimedia CH is a member.

Jenny Ebermann, CEO of  Wikimedia CH, gave an overview of the association’s organisation, our five programmes and the current activities in Switzerland and abroad. Dimitar Dimitrov Policy Director of Wikimedia Europe discussed the impact of EU digital legislation on Switzerland, particularly in the field of regulation and data protection. He also explained how Wikimedia EU, of which Wikimedia CH is also a member, contributes to the discussion and opinion-forming on topics such as these.

Our Community Manager Ulrich Lantermann gave an introduction to editing Wikipedia profiles.

The participants greatly appreciated the insight into the wiki world and the explanations provided on how it works and how to get involved.


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