In Switzerland, there is a growing community of contributors who volunteer to add content to Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, and other projects supported by the Wikimedia Foundation.


Wikimedia CH supports the community with micro-budgets for projects,  lending photographic equipment free of charge, and paying for travel expenses and participation to events related to Wikimedia projects. No less important are the contribution workshops to Wikimedia projects that we organize with the community, as well as our information and networking events.

Our work supports free information tools such as:

  • Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia
  • Wikimedia Commons, a multimedia database
  • Wikidata, a collaborative open database
  • Kiwix, an offline version of Wikipedia
  • Wikibooks, a collection of textbooks
  • Wiki Medicine, an offline medical encyclopedia
  • Wikinews, a free, neutral news source



Wikimedia CH stands for diversity and equality among contributors and content. We work to ensure that all of our programs and projects benefit a maximum number of people across the country, giving priority to initiatives that address diverse target audiences (i.e. language, gender, disability, other minorities, etc.). Wikimedia CH invests significant resources to make Wikimedia projects more inclusive and representative.


Community Innovation

Wikimedia CH aims to step up as an association in order to build and nurture a technical community for individuals and companies. The aim of this initiative is to become an incubation hub for new projects and ideas in the field of free knowledge.


Editathons and Hackathons

Wikimedia CH regularly works with different partners in Switzerland to co-organize Wikipedia Editathons or Open-Source Hackathons. These events unite people from different backgrounds to come together, share their knowledge and experiences to promote free knowledge and an open Internet.


Kiwix – made in Switzerland

Kiwix is the offline reader for Wikipedia and other Wiki projects and has been developed with the support of Wikimedia CH. Kiwix allows access to free knowledge anytime, anywhere, but particularly in places with no or unreliable internet connectivity. Kiwix allows for the storage of the entire Wikipedia on a single flash drive or even on a cell phone. It currently helps more than 3 million people around the world – from Cuba to West Africa to Antarctica, or even in prison education programs across Europe and the US. The Orange Foundation for example uses it in nearly a thousand digital schools across West Africa.


We invite you to visit the page become a volunteer join us in one of these projects.

If you have questions please contact us!