Digitalizing Swiss cultural heritage

The acronym GLAM comes from English languages and stands for “Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums”.

The mission of Wikimedia CH is to help Swiss memory institutions to share their curatorial knowledge, collections and resources in a digital manner, with a global community through a global platform, making the Swiss cultural heritage and its diversity more discoverable and accessible to the world.

Wikimedia CH’s services for GLAMs:

– We share our knowledge and experience in respect to digitalization with Swiss cultural institutions. This involves knowledge about the techniques to convert original material to digital, metadata for search and retrieval purpose, storage of digital material, dissemination of information, critical policies and privacy issues impacting the digital strategies of Swiss memory institutions.

– We provide people and resources to enable Swiss cultural organization of all sizes and in all geographical/language regions to create their own pages on Wikipedia and share knowledge. High quality training and digital tools help Swiss memory institutions to manage their resources, collection and content by themselves.

– We offer a global technology platform, information access in multiple languages, including background information and numerous links to data collections and footage, via multiple devices anytime and anywhere, allowing Swiss cultural organizations to reach new and more diversified audiences.

– We create added value by keeping abreast of innovative new technology solutions that we discuss with Swiss cultural institutions, and support them to gain insights about visitors, their preferences and behaviours, simultaneously enhancing visitors’ cultural experiences and rendering cultural education more accessible.

Some of our partners include: Swiss National Library, Swiss Federal Archives, ETH Library Zurich, Swiss Social Archives, SBB Historic, Archives Cantonales Vaudoises, EPFL Lausanne, MAMCO Geneva, Historic Museum Basel and many more.

If you would like to talk about a possible collaboration with Wikimedia CH, please contact us to set up an initial conversation:


Debora Lopomo
GLAM Program & Partnership Manager