Wikimedia CH is one of the sponsors of the Women++ deploy(impact) hackathon from 8 October to 19 November 2022. We are also funding two additional prizes.

At the opening our Innovation Programme Lead Ilario Valdelli presented Wikimedia CH and our challenges. More than 400 applications were received, and 76 percent of the participants are women.

Another sponsor, the SIT Academy, liked the Wikimedia CH challenge on data analysis of our platform so much that they want to organise another hackathon in their academy. Wikimedia CH is also funding two additional prizes at the Women++ deploy(impact).

Here are some figures: 

Participants to deploy(impact) went through a selection process that includes screening and cultural fit interviews. This year Women++ received around 500 applications, more than double that on the first edition. For this reason, they increased the number of teams:

  • There are 9 project teams, with a total of 60+ participants, almost double that last year,  working on the 2 Wikimedia CH projects.
  • 29 nationalities collaborating in distributed agile teams joining from 16 countries.
  • Participants will dedicate an estimated 5’760 volunteering hrs to developing 9 software solutions for social good in 6 weeks.
  • Most participants have never experienced working in a gender-diverse team within the industry.

Since the goal of this program is to facilitate hands-on tech project experience for those starting or transitioning to a career in the tech industry, each team includes different junior roles paired with a more experienced talent to learn from. With a total of around 45% of junior talent or first-timers in a specific role, this year’s teams include the following junior roles: PM deputy, data scientist, UX/UI designer, and the dev team of frontend, backend, and full-stack developers.

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