Wikimedia has launched a new fundraising campaign. From the end of October to the end of November 2019, the organization behind the online encyclopedia Wikipedia encourages readers to actively contribute to the preservation and further development of the world’s largest freely accessible knowledge platform.

The association Wikimedia CH stands for a world in which each human being can freely share the sum of all knowledge. The Swiss non-profit association is committed to ensuring that information remains freely available and neutral in the future. This becomes even more and more important in a world full of “fake news”.

The donations from the fundraising campaign are used to implement projects to promote free knowledge in Switzerland: Wikimedia CH supports the activities of local communities, gives access to equipment, arranges scholarships or grants for Wikipedia volunteers or simply helps to organize events and workshops. On the other hand, Wikimedia CH supports the digitization and preservation of Switzerland’s cultural heritage. In the field of education, Wikimedia CH is committed to promoting awareness in the handling of new media and technologies in schools and to creating a more conscious use of online information.

Wikimedia CH is a non-profit association recognized by the Swiss tax authorities. Therefore, donations can be deducted from taxes throughout the whole of Switzerland. For cost reasons and in compliance with regulations, Wikimedia CH automatically issues donation receipts at the beginning of the following year for donations over CHF 200 (total donation amount per year). For donations below this amount, donors can simply print out the deposit slip and enclose it with their tax return.

We are pleased about each form of the support, because it is not only a financial contribution to our work, but also an acknowledgment and motivation for our commitment in the service of free knowledge”, stresses Jenny Ebermann, CEO of Wikimedia CH.

Thank you for your support!