A warm welcome to Lia Beretta, Wikimedia CH’s new Community Manager for the Italian-speaking side of Switzerland. She join us on 17 October at a 40% rate.


Born and raised in Ticino, Lia did part of her academic studies in Bern and another part in Lausanne, with a stop-over in Ireland on the way. Today she is back to her origins, living in Bellinzona.


Education, communication, culture and nature are the pillars around which her life revolves. After a bachelor’s degree in English languages and literature – plus science of education – and a following master’s degree in English linguistics, she decided to pursue yet another educational path to become an environmental consultant.


Indeed, Lia’s work experiences so far has focused on environmental sustainability, a subject close to her heart that she is not going to abandon. Thanks to Wikimedia, however, she is happy to be able to embrace culture in its wider form again, and work in a more transversal way in the field of knowledge and information.


In her new role, Lia hopes to support volunteers in the realisation of their projects and ambitions by bringing in an external look, and to contribute towards more sustainability in the world of free knowledge too.


Lia is native in Italian, speaks excellent English and has a very good command of French and German. She is looking forward to meeting the beautiful Wikimedian community and bringing many new ideas to the table.